Jason gathers his companions and prepares for a trip to Colchis

Immediately after the conversation with Peliem Jason began to prepare for a trip to Colchis. He traveled all over the countries of Greece and everywhere called the heroes famous for their exploits to go to Colchis for the golden Fleece. All the great heroes responded to his call. The greatest of the heroes himself agreed to take part in the campaign, the son of Zeus Hercules. All the heroes gathered in Iolka. Who was not among them: here were the pride of Athens, the mighty Theseus, and the sons of Zeus and Leda, Castor and Polydeuk with his friends Idas and Linkei, and winged heroes Kalaid and Zet, sons Borea and Orifia, and Meleager from Calydon, and the mighty Ankey, and Admet, and Telamon, and many others. I was a singer among the heroes Orpheus. Greece has never seen such a gathering of heroes. Mighty, beautiful as gods, they attracted the enthusiastic gazes of all the inhabitants of Iolk. What obstacles could stop them, who could resist them, what could frighten them?

The ship for the heroes was also ready. This ship was built by the son of Arestora, Arg; the goddess herself Athena helped him. She embedded in the stern a piece of sacred oak from the grove of the oracle of Zeus in Dodona. Beautiful was this ten-oared ship, called "Argo". He was light and fast; like a seagull, he was rushing over the waves of the sea. The heroes who took part in the campaign were also named after the ship "Argo", argonauts. Athena was not the only patron of the Argonauts - she took them under her protection and Hera. She burned with hatred for Pelias for not making sacrifices to her. Jason, on the other hand, enjoyed Hera's special favor. So, one day, in order to test the young hero, she appeared to him under the guise of a decrepit old woman on the bank of a mountain river and tearfully asked him to move her to the other side. The hero carefully lifted the old woman on his shoulders and carried her across the stormy river. Only Jason lost the sandal on his left foot while crossing the river. Since then, she has loved Hera Jason and helped him in everything. Also, the archer Apollopatronized the Argonauts: after all, he prompted the heroes to undertake a campaign, and he also predicted their happiness and good luck.

Having gathered in Iolca, the heroes wanted to elect the great Hercules as their leader, but he refused and offered to elect Jason. The pilot on the "Argo" was chosen Tifiy , and on the bow of the ship stood a Linkey, from whose gaze nothing could hide not only on earth, but even underground.

Everything was ready for departure. The Argo, launched into the water, was already gently rocking on the waves; food and fresh water supplies were already loaded; the last sacrifices were made to Apollo and all the gods. The sacrifice gave happy omens. A merry feast was also celebrated in the evening. It was time for a long, dangerous voyage.

As soon as the edge of the sky lit up with the purple light of the morning dawn, the pilot Typhi of the Argonauts woke up. The Argonauts boarded the ship and sat on the oars, two for each bench. Together the mighty rowers leaned on the oars. Argo proudly sailed out of the harbor into the open sea. The swimmers raised a snow-white sail. A fair wind blew up the sail, and the light ship quickly rushed along the friendly noisy waves. Here, on a chariot drawn by snow-white horses, the radiant god of the sun Helios ascended to the sky. The sail of the Argo was painted with pink light, and the waves of the sea sparkled in the morning rays of the sun.

Orpheus struck the strings of the golden kithara, and his wondrous song spread across the sea expanse. The heroes listened to the song. And from the depths of the sea, fish and swift dolphins swam out; enchanted by the singing of Orpheus, they swam after the Argo, which was quickly cutting through the waves, like a herd that, listening to the sweet sounds of a pipe, follows a shepherd.