Argonauts on Lemnos

After a short happy voyage, the Argonauts arrived at the blooming island of Lemnos. The young queen ruled there Hypsipyle. Not a single man was on Lemnos. All their husbands were killed by Lemni women for their treason. Only one king Foant, the father of Hypsipyle, escaped death. His daughter saved him.

When the Argonauts landed on the shore of Lemnos and sent a messenger to the city, the Lemni women gathered for a council in the city square, and the young Hypsipyle advised them not to let the Argonauts into the city. She was afraid that the heroes would find out about the atrocity that the Lemnians had committed. But the old Poluxo began to object to the queen.

She insisted on letting the Argonauts into the city.

- Who will protect you, - said Poluxo, - if enemies attack Lemnos? Who will take care of you when you get old, if you stay single? No, let the strangers into the city, let them stay here.

The Lemnians listened to the old Poluxo. Immediately they sent one of the Lemnians with a messenger who came from the "Argo" to the heroes to ask them to enter the city.

Departure of the Argonauts from Lemnos
Departure of the Argonauts from Lemnos.
In the middle, with a club in his hand, stands Hercules and reproaches his comrades for the delay.
(Drawing on a vase.)

Allotment Jason a luxurious purple robe woven for him by Athena-Pallas, and went to the city. Hypsipyle received him with honor and invited him to settle in her palace. The rest of the Argonauts also came to the city. Only a few people with Hercules remained on the "Argo".

Fun and joy reigned on the island. Everywhere sacrifices to the gods were burned on bonfires, festivities were replaced by festivities, feasts - feasts. It seemed that the heroes had forgotten about the great feat that awaits them. They feasted carelessly on the rich Lemnos. Finally, Hercules secretly summoned the Argonauts to the seashore where the Argo was standing. The greatest of the heroes angrily reproached them for forgetting about their exploits for the sake of pleasure, for the sake of a fun and carefree life. The heroes stood ashamed, listening to the deserved reproaches. They decided to leave Lemnos immediately. The Argo was immediately equipped for the journey. The heroes were already ready to board the ship and sit at the oars, when Lemni women came to the shore in a crowd. They begged the heroes not to leave them, to stay with them. But the heroes were adamant. The Lemni women said goodbye to them with tears. The heroes ascended the "Argo", pulled together on the oars; the waves frothed under the blow of the oars of the mighty rowers, and, like a bird, the "Argo" rushed into the sea.