Father Ferret
Admetus is the son of Feret, king of Ferus in Thessaly, and Periclimenes. A participant in the hunt for the Calydonian boar and the Argonauts' campaign. A participant in the funeral games of Pelius, performed in a fist fight. He is known for having served as a shepherd Apollo as punishment for the fact that Apollo killed Python. Apollo herded Admetus' flocks for eight years. When Apollo played the reed flute and the golden kithara, predatory animals came out of the forest and walked calmly among the herds. When Pelias promised the one who harnessed a lion and a boar to one cart to give his daughter Alcestus, Admetus was helped to do this by Apollo. Admetus is also called the beloved of Hercules. But Admet at the wedding sacrifices forgot to mention Artemis, and the angry goddess wanted to send snakes to the marital rest, but Apollo managed to reconcile them. Finally, he also got from Moir that someone else could have died instead of Admet at the approach of death. The Moirs promised this when Apollo got them drunk. This was done by Admet's wife, Alcestis. However, Hercules freed her from there and returned her to Admetus. Admetus built the temple of Apollo in Tamina at Eretria on Euboea. He had a son and a daughter.

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