Menelaus prepares for war against Troy

Only beautiful Elena left with a treacherous Paris palace Menelaus, how the gods sent the messenger of the gods Iridus to Menelaus in Crete. Iris quickly rushed on her rainbow wings from Olympus, in the blink of an eye appeared before Menelaus and informed him of the misfortune that had befallen him. Menelaus immediately set out on his return journey. He quickly reached Sparta. He became terribly angry when he saw that Elena had deceived him and that his treasures had been stolen. Menelaus immediately went to his brother Agamemnon to consult him on how to take revenge on Paris for his treachery. Agamemnon received his brother with full sympathy and advised him to immediately gather all those heroes who had once sworn to help him with all their might in misfortune. With these heroes and their troops, Agamemnon advised to go to war against Troy. Menelaus accepted Agamemnon's advice and together with him went first of all to the elderly king Nestor in Pylos.

(Bust of IV century BC)

One of the wisest Greeks was the elder Nestor. He saw a lot of heroes in his long life, and he himself took part in many glorious feats. Nestor's experience in military affairs was great. Nestor has already seen the third generation of heroes.

Nestor cordially received Menelaus and Agamemnon. Old Nestor was terribly indignant at Paris. He himself decided to participate in the campaign against Troy and decided to take his sons with him Frazimed and Antilokha. Nestor agreed to go around with the Atreides and the heroes of Greece to encourage them all to take part in the campaign.

Many heroes decided to take part in the campaign. Some of them took part because their oath obliged them to do so, others participated because their thirst for military exploits was great. Decided to go against Troy: King of Argos Diomed, son of the great Tidea, equal in power to god Ares the wise son of the king of Euboea Palamedes; mighty grandson of Minos, king of Crete Idomenei; friend Heracles Philoctetes; Heracles gave him his arrows before his death. Without these arrows, as the oracle predicted, it was impossible to take Troy. Two Ajax also took part in the campaign: the mighty son of Heracles' friend, Telamon, Ajax, king of Salamis - there was no one equal to him by force among the heroes is the son of the hero Oiley Ajax from Locrides. Many other heroes also took part. It was necessary to force the King of Ithaca, the cunning , to march as wellOdysseus, son of Laertes. I didn't want to leave Ithaca's Odyssey. After all, he only recently married a beautiful Penelope, and he has just had his first son Telemakh. Will he really have to leave his peaceful life and his beloved wife and son, sail far away under the walls of Troy, maybe even in order never to return to his homeland? Therefore, when Odysseus found out that Menelaus with Agamemnon, Nestor and Palamedes had arrived in Ithaca, he decided to deceive them. Pretending to be mad, he began to plow his fields, harnessing an ox and a donkey to the plow, and he sowed the field with salt. Palamed was the first to understand Odysseus' trick and decided to force Odysseus to confess it. He took Telemachus wrapped in swaddling clothes and put him on the furrow along which Odysseus was walking. Odysseus stopped. No matter how great his desire was to stay on Ithaca, he still could not ruin his only son for this. So Palamedes discovered the pretense of Odysseus, and Odysseus had to leave his native Ithaca, his wife and son, and go for many years under the walls of Troy. From that time on, Odysseus hated Palamedes and decided to take revenge on him for forcing him to take part in the campaign.