Paris kidnaps Elena

Many days have passed since I returned Paris to his father's house Priam. It seemed that the change that took place in his life made him forget about the gift promised to him Aphrodite for the golden apple. Now he was a prince, and not a simple, unknown shepherd. But Aphrodite herself reminded him of the beautiful Elena and helped her pet to build a magnificent ship, and he was going to sail to Sparta, where Elena lived. In vain the prophetic son of Priam began to warn him Gelen. He predicted the death of Paris. Paris didn't want to listen to anything. He boarded the ship and set off on a long journey across the boundless expanse of the sea. Despair seized Cassandra, when she saw how Paris's fast ship was moving away from her native shores. Stretching out her hands to the sky, the prophetic Cassandra exclaimed:

Paris kidnaps Elena
Paris kidnaps Elena. From left to right: Aeneas with a spear and a shield,
Paris leads Elena by the hand, followed by the goddess Aphrodite.
(Drawing on a vase.)

- Oh, woe, woe to the great Three and to all of us! I see: the holy Ilium is in flames, covered with blood, his sons lie prostrate in the dust! I see: foreigners are leading weeping Trojan wives and virgins into slavery!

So Cassandra exclaimed, but no one heeded her prophecy. No one stopped Paris.

And he sailed on and on. A terrible storm has risen on the sea. Nor did she stop Paris. He passed rich Phthia, Salamis and Mycenae, where his future enemies lived, and finally arrived at the shores of Laconia. Paris landed at the mouth of the Eurot and went ashore with his friend Aeneas. With him he went to the king, as a guest, not plotting anything evil.

Elena and Paris
Elena and Paris.
(Bas-relief of the III century BC)

Menelaus welcomed Paris and Aenea. In honor of the guests, he prepared a rich meal. During this meal, Paris saw the beautiful Elena for the first time. Full of delight, he looked at her, admiring her unearthly beauty.

Elena was also captivated by the beauty of Paris, he was beautiful in his rich oriental clothes. A few days have passed. Menelaus had to go to Crete. When leaving, he asked Elena to take care of the guests so that they would not lack for anything. Menelaus did not suspect what offense these guests would inflict on him.

When Menelaus left, Paris immediately decided to take advantage of his departure. With the help of Aphrodite, he persuaded the beautiful Elena with gentle speeches to leave her husband's house and run away with him to Troy. Elena gave in to Paris' requests. Paris secretly took the beautiful Helen to his ship; he stole Menelaus' wife, and with her his treasures. Elena forgot everything - her husband, her native Sparta, and her daughter Hermione she forgot for the love of Paris.

He left the ship of Paris at the mouth of the Eurotas, taking with him a rich booty. The ship was rushing rapidly through the sea waves back to the Trojan shores. Paris rejoiced, with him was the most beautiful of mortal women, Elena. Suddenly, when the ship was sailing far from the coast in the open sea, the mighty god of the sea stopped it Nereus. He surfaced from the depths of the sea and predicted the death of both Paris and the whole Trio. Paris and Elena were confused. But Aphrodite calmed them down and made them forget this terrible prediction. For three days the ship, kept by Aphrodite, sailed on a calm sea. The tailwind was driving him fast. He arrived safely at the Trojan shores.