Aretiada Island and arrival in Colchis

argonauts sailed along the coast for a long time Euxine Pontus. They have passed many countries, they have seen many peoples. Finally, an island appeared in the distance. The Argo was rapidly approaching the island, the shore was already not far away. Suddenly, a large bird rose from the island, sparkling in the rays of the sun with its wings; it flew over the Argo and dropped its feather on one of the heroes - Oilea. Like an arrow, a feather pierced Oiley's shoulder, blood poured from the wound, and the oar fell out of the wounded hero's hands. Oiley's comrades took the feather out of his wound. The Argonauts look at the feather with surprise and see that it is copper and sharp as an arrow. Another bird soared over the island and flew to the "Argo", but the hero was already waiting for her Clytius with a bow in his hands. As soon as the bird flew up to the Argo, Clytius shot an arrow at it, and the killed bird fell into the sea. Seeing this bird covered with copper feathers, the Argonauts realized that these were Stymphalid birds, and the island where they live was Aretiada. The Amphidamante advised the heroes to put on armor and cover themselves with shields. Before landing on the shore, the Argonauts began shouting, hitting their shields with spears and swords. A huge flock of birds soared over the island, they flew high above the "Argo", and a whole rain of feathers-arrows rained down on the heroes. Heroes covered themselves with shields from these arrows. The birds, having described a circle over the Argo, soon disappeared far beyond the horizon.

Arrival of Argonauts in Colchis
Arrival of the Argonauts in Colchis. Above to the right are Jason and Medea.
(Drawing on a vase.)
The Argonauts came to the shore of the Aretiada and were about to settle down to rest when four young men came out to meet them. The young men were terribly emaciated, their clothes hung in rags on them, barely covering their bodies. These were the sons of Frix. They left Colchis to return to Orchomenus, but on the way they were shipwrecked on a stormy night, and only by a lucky chance the waves threw them onto the Aretiada, where the Argonauts found them. The heroes were delighted with this meeting; was especially pleasedJason: after all, the young men were his relatives. The Argonauts fed the young men, gave them new clothes and told them that they were going to the kingdom Eeta for the golden Fleece. The eldest of the young men, Argos, promised to help the Argonauts, but warned them that King Aetos, the son of Helios, is powerful and cruel and gives no mercy to anyone. But nothing could keep the Argonauts from fulfilling the decision once made - to get the golden Fleece.

The next morning the Argonauts set off on their way. They sailed for a long time. Finally, in the distance, like clouds gathered on the horizon, the peaks of the Caucasus turned blue. Now it was not far to Colchis.

The Argo, driven by the uniform strokes of the oars, is rushing fast. The sun is already hiding, sinking into the sea. Evening shadows ran across the waves. Wings flapped high above the Argo. It was a huge eagle flying towards the rock to which the titan was chained Prometheus. The wind rose on the sea from the flapping of the eagle's huge wings. He disappeared in the distance, and the Argonauts sadly heard the heavy groans of Prometheus; from afar they could be heard, muffled at times by the strokes of the oars.

The shore is not far away. Here is the mouth of the Phasis. The Argonauts rowed upstream and anchored in the bay of the river, overgrown with thick reeds. Jason made a grateful libation to the gods and called upon the gods of Colchis and the souls of the deceased heroes to help him in his dangerous task. The heroes on the Argo fell asleep peacefully. Their goal was achieved, they were in Colchis, near the capital of King Aeetes, but there were still many dangers ahead of them.