Hera and Athena at Aphrodite's

When the Argonauts arrived in Colchis, the great goddess Hera and the goddess Athena consulted on high Olympus how to help Jason to get the golden Fleece. Finally, the goddesses decided to go to the goddess of love Aphrodite and ask her to command her son Eros to pierce the heart with a golden arrow Medea, daughter of Eeta, and inspire her with love for Jason. The goddesses knew that only the sorceress Medea could help Jason in his dangerous feat.

When both goddesses came to Aphrodite, she was at home alone. Aphrodite sat on a rich golden throne and combed her lush curls with a golden comb. Aphrodite saw the goddesses enter, stood up to meet them and greeted them affectionately. Having seated the goddesses on golden benches forged by Hephaestus, the goddess of love asked them about the reason for their arrival. The goddesses told her how they wanted to help the hero Jason, and asked Aphrodite to tell Erot to pierce Medea's heart. Aphrodite agreed. The goddesses said goodbye to Aphrodite, and she went to look for her naughty son. Erot was playing with Ganymede in dice. The cunning Eros beat the simple-minded Ganymede and laughed loudly at him. At this time Aphrodite came up to them. She hugged her son and said to him:

- Listen, naughty. I want to entrust you with one thing. Take your bow and arrows quickly and fly to the ground. There, in Colchis, pierce with an arrow the heart of the daughter of King Aeetes, Medea, let her love the hero Jason. If you do this, I will give you that toy that I once made Adrasteya for little Zeus. Just fly now, it needs to be done soon.

Erot asked his mother to give him a toy right away, but the mother, knowing the cunning boy, did not agree to give him a toy before he fulfilled her errand. Having made sure that he would not get anything from his mother before he completed his errand, Eros grabbed his bow and arrows and quickly rushed from the high Olympus to the earth in Colchis, sparkling in the rays of the sun with his golden wings.