Argonauts in Mysia

After a short voyage, the Argonauts reached the shores of Mysia. There they landed on the shore to stock up on water and food. Mighty Hercules went to the forest that grew near the shore to make himself a new one instead of a broken oar. He found a tall fir tree, wrapped his mighty arms around it and tore it up by the roots. The mighty hero hoisted a fir tree on his shoulder and went to the shore. Suddenly his friend runs towards him Polyphemus and tells that he just heard the cry of the young Gilas, who was calling them. Hercules rushed to look for Hylas, but could not find him anywhere. Hercules was saddened. Together with Polyphemus, he searches everywhere for Hylas, but all in vain.

And the Argonauts, as soon as the radiant morning star ascended into the sky, foreshadowing the imminent onset of morning, set off, not noticing in the predawn twilight that neither Hercules nor Polyphemus were among them. The heroes were saddened when they saw, when morning came, that there were no two most glorious comrades between them. With his head down, he sat in grief Jason; he did not seem to hear the lamentations of his companions, as if he did not notice the absence of Hercules and Polyphemus. A faithful friend of Hercules Telamon approached Jason and, showering him with reproaches, said:

- You're sitting so calmly alone. You can be happy now. There is no Hercules between us, and there is no one to eclipse your glory now. No, I won't go with you if you don't come back and find Hercules and Polyphemus.

Telamon rushed to the helmsman Tifiy and wanted to force him to turn back the "Argo". The boreads tried in vain to calm him down, the angry Telamon did not want to listen to anyone, he blamed everyone that they deliberately left Hercules and Polyphemus in Mysia. Suddenly, the seaweed-covered head of the prophetic sea god appeared from the waves of the sea Glavka. He grabbed the Argo by the keel with his hand, stopped it and said:

- By the will of the great thunderer Zeus, Hercules and Polyphemus remained in Mysia. Hercules must return to Greece and in the service of Eurystheus perform twelve great feats. Polyphemus is destined to found the glorious city of Kyos in the country of the Khalibs. The heroes remained in Mysia because they are looking for the beautiful Hylas kidnapped by the nymphs.

Having said this, Glaucus plunged into the sea again and disappeared from the eyes of the Argonauts.

The heroes calmed down. Telamon reconciled with Jason. The heroes got on the oars, and the Argo quickly rushed across the sea, driven by the friendly strokes of the mighty rowers.