Argonauts in Bithynia (Amik)

The next morning, the Argonauts landed on the shore Bithynia. They were not welcomed there as hospitably as in Kizik. In Bithynia, on the seashore, the Bebriks lived, ruled by a king Amik.

Argonauts at bebriks
Argonauts at the Bebricks.To the left are resting Argonauts, in the middle Polydeucus is practicing fist fighting,
a laughing Silenus is sitting in front of him.
(Drawing on a bronze vessel of the IV century BC)

He was proud of his gigantic strength and fame as an invincible fist fighter. All the strangers were forced by the cruel king to fight with himself and mercilessly killed them with a mighty blow of his fist. Amik met the Argonauts with ridicule, he called the great heroes vagabonds and challenged the strongest of them to battle, if only one of them dared to face off with him. The heroes were angry. From their midst came the young son of Zeus and Leda, Polydeucus. He calmly accepted the challenge of the king of the Bebriks. Like a formidable Typhon, Amik stood in his black cloak and with a huge club on his shoulders in front of Polydeukes. With a gloomy look he measured Polydeukes; and he stood in front of Amik, shining like a star with his beauty. The fighters got ready for battle. Threw Amik to the ground fist straps. Without choosing, Polydeucus picked up the nearest straps and tied his arm. The battle began.

Argonauts at bebriks
Argonauts at the Bebricks.
In the middle is one of the winged sons of Boreas, next to him is Polydeucus,
tying the defeated king Amik to a tree, near Amik is the goddess Athena.
(Drawing on a bronze vessel of the IV century BC)

Like an enraged bull, the king of the Bebriks rushed at Polydeukes. Polydeucus deftly repelled his blows, not retreating a step under the onslaught of Amik. The fight was interrupted for a moment so that the fighters could catch their breath. Now they are fighting again, and blows are falling one after another. Amik swung and wanted to strike Polydeuk a terrible blow to the head, but the young hero dodged and struck Amik such a blow on the ear that he crushed his skull bone. In his death throes, Amik fell to the ground. The Argonauts greeted the winner Polydeucus with loud shouts.

When the Bebriks saw that their king had been killed, they attacked Polydeukes. The first two were thrown to the ground by Polydeucus himself with blows of his fist. The Argonauts grabbed their weapons and rushed into battle with the Bebricks. Ankey's heavy axe whistled like a whirlwind in the ranks of the bebricks, one by one Castor strikes them with a sparkling sword. Heroes fight like lions. The Bebriks fled. The heroes have been chasing them for a long time. With rich booty they returned to the seashore. All night the victors feasted on the shore, and the victory song sounded loudly Orpheus. To the sounds of his golden kithara, he glorified the young conqueror of the king of the Bebriks, Amik, the beautiful Polydeucus, the son of the thunderer Zeus.