Argonauts on the Kizike Peninsula

When the Argonauts sailed on Propontide, then on the way we landed on the Kiziku peninsula. Dolions lived there, descendants of Poseidon. The tsar ruled them Kizik. Not far from Cyzicus was Bear Mountain, where six-armed giants lived; only thanks to the protection of Poseidon could the dolions live safely next to such neighbors. The Argonauts were received with honor by the king of Cyzicus, and they spent the whole day with him at a merry feast. As soon as the morning dawned, the Argonauts gathered on their way. They had already boarded the Argo when suddenly six-armed giants appeared on the opposite shore of the bay. They began to throw huge stones into the sea, tore off the rocks and piled them one on top of another to block the Argonauts from leaving the bay to the open sea. Grabbed his tight bow Hercules and one by one began to send his deadly arrows at the giants. Covered with shields, with spears in their hands, the Argonauts rushed at the giants. The battle did not last long, one by one the giants fell to the ground and into the sea, they were all killed, not one of them escaped.

The Argonauts set out on their journey. A tailwind blew up the sail, and the whole day the Argo was calmly rushing through the waves. Evening came, the sun god Helios descended from the sky, the night enveloped the sky and the earth in darkness. The wind has changed and he is already carrying the Argo back to the shores that he left so recently. In the darkness of the night, the Argonauts stuck to Kizik. The inhabitants of Cyzicus did not recognize them, they took them for sea robbers and attacked them, led by their young king. A terrible night battle broke out. In total darkness, the heroes are fighting with their recent friends. With a sharp spear, the mighty Jason struck the chest of the young king Cyzicus, and with a groan he fell to the ground. But the rays of the goddess of dawn Eos colored the east with scarlet light. Morning is coming. The fighters recognize each other and are horrified. Friends fought with friends. For three days they performed three times argonauts and the people of Cyzicus mourned for the slain young king for three days. His beautiful wife Kleite, the daughter of Merope, did not survive the death of her husband, she pierced her chest with a sharp sword.