Odysseus and Diomedes are sent as scouts to the camp of the Trojans. Horses Resa.

The whole camp of the Greeks plunged into deep juice. Only Agamemnon did not sleep. He sighed heavily on his bed, agitated by many sad thoughts. Looking at the bonfires that blazed around the camp of the Trojans, he was surprised that pipes sounded there and cheerful voices were heard. When he looked at the camp of the Greeks, he tore his hair in grief, his heart was squeezed with pain. Finally, the son Atreus got up, dressed, put on a lion skin and with a spear in his hands went to look for Nestor. He wanted to consult with the king of Pylos on how to avert death from the Greeks. Met Agamemnon Menelaus. And Menelaus did not sleep, he was also worried, thinking about the terrible fate of those who came to Troy for his cause. We decided to take it upon ourselves to convene a council of chiefs. Menelaus went to summon the heroes, and Agamemnon went to Nestor. Nestor heard the footsteps of Agamemnon approaching and, not recognizing him in the darkness of the night, called out, warning him not to approach him in silence. He called himself Agamemnon, approached Nestor, told him about what was bothering him so much, and asked him to go to the council with him. Nestor immediately got up and, together with Agamemnon, went to summon the heroes. They called Odysseus, then called and Diomedes, who was sleeping with a shield under his head; his spear was stuck in the ground next to him. Having gathered the heroes, they went to the guards and found her awake. The guards sat staring into the darkness of the night, listening for the Trojans. The leaders crossed the moat and sat down on the field in front of the camp wall. Nestor then suggested sending spies to the Trojan camp to find out what the Trojans had decided - whether to attack the Greeks again or to return to the city. Diomedes immediately volunteered to go to this dangerous business and invited one of the heroes to go with him. Many heroes volunteered to go with Diomedes. Agamemnon told Diomedes to choose his own companion. Diomedes chose Odysseus, the favorite of Athens-Pallas. He believed that even from the blazing fire they would return together unharmed, so cunning and resourceful was Odysseus. Diomedes and Odysseus armed themselves. The assembled leaders gave them weapons, since they themselves came to the council unarmed.

Odysseus and Diomedes capture Trojan spy Dolon
Odysseus and Diomedes capture the Trojan spy Dolon.
(Drawing on a vase.)

While the Greeks were sending spies to the camp of the Trojans, the Trojans also sent spies to find out if the Greeks were guarding their camp well. Go volunteered Dolon, son Eumeda, famous for the speed of his running. He decided to make his way to the very ships of the Greeks and listen to what the leaders of the Greeks would say at the council. Dolon armed himself, threw on a wolf skin and went to the camp of the Greeks. Soon Diomedes and Odysseus noticed Dolon. They crouched down, let him pass by, and then chased him like two dogs chasing a hare or chamois.

- Stop! Diomedes shouted to Dolon, "otherwise I will overtake you with a spear, and you will not escape death." Diomedes threw a spear at Dolon, but so that it flew over his shoulder. Dolon was frightened and stopped, turning pale with horror. Diomedes and Odysseus seized him. Dolon began to beg for mercy. The heroes of Dolon asked why he went to the camp of the Greeks, who sent him and how the Trojans and their allies were located in the camp. In the hope that his heroes would spare him, Dolon told them everything. He showed them where the newly arrived Thracians were standing with the king Res, the owner of wonderful horses and golden armor. But Diomedes and Odysseus Dolon were not spared. The heroes took off Dolon's helmet and wolfskin, took his weapons. Odysseus placed Dolon's weapon so that they could capture it on the way back, and both heroes went to the Thracian camp.

The heroes quietly crept to where King Res was lying among his soldiers at his horses. Like a lion attacking a defenseless herd of goats and sheep, Diomed rushed at the sleeping Thracians. He killed twelve Thracian warriors. Diomedes also killed King Res. Odysseus untied the horses of Res and led them out of the camp. Diomedes wanted to bring out a chariot with golden armor, but the goddess Pallas Athena, appearing to Diomedes, said:

- Think about returning to the camp of the Greeks, son Tidea. Time to get back. Otherwise, you will have to flee if one of the celestials hostile to you wakes up the sleeping Trojans.

Listened to the advice of the goddess Diomedes and jumped on one of the horses of Res. Odysseus jumped on another and the heroes quickly rushed to the Greek camp. God Apollo saw how Pallas Athena helped Diomedes and Odysseus. He rushed to the Trojan camp and woke up the hero Hippocoon, a relative of Res. The Hippocoon jumped up from his bed and saw that the place where the horses were standing was empty. He started calling Resa by name, but no one answered. The alarm was raised in the Trojan camp. Those who ran away looked with horror at what Diomedes and Odysseus had done. They, having captured Dolon's armament along the way, returned to where the Greek leaders were waiting for them. Odysseus told how they caught Dolon, how Diomedes killed King Rhesus and twelve Thracian famous heroes, and how they got horses. The heroes of Diomedes and Odysseus glorified. All the Greeks rejoiced when they learned about their feat. The horses of Res were tied at the tent of King Diomedes, and the weapons of Dolon were carried to his ship by Odysseus.