Odysseus at the Lestrigons

We set off by sea. We sailed for six days and finally reached an island. We entered a quiet bay. Eleven of my ships landed on the shore, and my companions pulled them onto the coastal sand. I put my own ship at the entrance to the bay. I went up to the cliff to see the surroundings. There were no herds or cultivated fields to be seen anywhere, only smoke rose in some places in the distance. I sent three of my companions to find out who lives on this island. They set off on their journey. Near the well, not far from the big city, my companions met a huge virgin; she took them to the city to the palace of her father Antiphate, lord of the Lestrigons. In the palace they saw the wife of Antiphates, the height of a high mountain. She ordered to call her husband, who was at the meeting of elders. He came running, grabbed one of my companions, tore him to pieces and cooked himself a dinner from his meat. My companions fled and ran to the ships. Antiphates also called the Lestrigons. They ran to the seashore. Tearing off whole cliffs, they began to smash ships. There was a crackling of breaking gear and screams of the killed. They killed all my companions from eleven ships of the Lestrigona and, stringing them on stakes, took them to their city. I barely escaped on my ship. Now I have only one of the twelve ships left.