Odysseus on the island of Aeola

Soon we arrived on the island Aeolus. The whole island of Aeola, floating on the sea, is surrounded by an indestructible copper wall, while its shores rise with sheer cliffs of sea waves. Aeolus lives on this island with his wife, six sons and six daughters. Happy and serene was the life of Aeolus. He spent his days merrily feasting with his family in rich palaces. For a whole month, Aeolus honored us with feasts and listened to my stories about the exploits of heroes near Troy. Finally, I began to ask him to let us go home. Aeolus agreed. At parting, he gave me a large fur tied with silver twine. In this fur there were winds subject to Aeolus. Only one Marshmallow was left at large. He was supposed to drive my ships to my native Ithaca. Aeolus forbade me to untie the fur until I arrive at my homeland. But the great Zeus did not promise me to return to my homeland. When Ithaca appeared on the tenth day of the voyage, the gods plunged me into a deep sleep. My companions began to say among themselves that Aeolus must have given me a lot of gold and silver, putting them in a fur, since I did not allow him to untie it. Prompted by curiosity, my companions untied the fur. The winds burst out of it and raised a terrible storm at sea. I woke up from the noise of the storm and wanted to throw myself into the sea in despair, but I submitted to fate, and wrapped myself in a cloak, lay down on the stern.

The storm drove us back to the island of Aeola. I went with one of my companions to the palace of Aeolus and begged him once again to help me return to my homeland. But Aeolus was angry with me. He chased me out of his palace and said that he would never help someone who, like me, is hated and persecuted by the gods. Shedding bitter tears, I left the palace of Aeolus.