The Birth of Zeus

Birth of Zeus
Nymph Adrasteia feeds little Zeus from the horn of the goat Amalthea. Behind Zeus stands the little god Pan, playing the flute.

Kron was not sure that the power would remain in his hands forever. He was afraid that his children would rise up against him and find him to the same fate to which he condemned his father Uranium. He was afraid of his children. And the Crown commanded his wife Ree brought him the children that were born and mercilessly swallowed them. Rhea was horrified, seeing the fate of her children. I have already swallowed five Crowns: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Aida and Poseidon.

Rhea did not want to lose her last child. On the advice of their parents, Uranus-Heaven and Gaia-Earth, she retired to the island of Crete, and there, in a deep cave, her youngest son was born Zeus. In this cave, Rhea hid her son from a cruel father, and gave him a long stone wrapped in diapers to swallow instead of his son. Krohn did not suspect that he had been deceived by his wife.

Meanwhile, Zeus was growing up in Crete. Nymphs Adrasteya and The idea was cherished by little Zeus, they fed him with the milk of the divine goat Amalfeya. Bees carried honey to little Zeus from the slopes of the high Dicta Mountain. At the entrance to the cave, young the kuretes struck their shields with swords whenever little Zeus cried, so that the Crowns would not hear him crying and Zeus would not suffer the fate of his brothers and sisters.