Awards Dionysus to people who honor him as god. So he rewarded Icarium in Attica when he hospitably received him. Dionysus gave him a vine, and Icarius was the first to plant grapes in Attica. But the fate of Icarium was sad.

One day he gave wine to the shepherds, and they, not knowing what intoxication was, decided that Icarium had poisoned them, and killed him, and his body was buried in the mountains. Icarium's daughter, Erigona, has been looking for her father for a long time. Finally, with the help of her dog Myra, she found her father's tomb. In desperation, the unfortunate Erigona hanged herself on the very tree under which her father's body lay. Dionysus took Icarius, Erigone and her dog Myra to heaven. Since then, they have been burning in the sky on a clear night - these are the constellations of the Wolfman, Virgo and the Big Dog.