Daughters of Minia

And in Orchomenus, in Boeotia, they did not want to immediately recognize the god Dionysus.

Dionysus - god of winemaking
Dionysus - the god of winemaking

When the priest of Dionysus-Bacchus appeared in Orchomen and invited all the girls and women to the forests and mountains for a merry celebration in honor of the god of wine, the three daughters of the king The Minias did not go to the festival; they did not want to recognize Dionysus as a god. All the women of Orchomen left the city for the shady forests and there they honored the great god with singing and dancing. Covered with ivy, with thyrses in their hands, they ran with loud cries, like maenads, over the mountains and praised Dionysus. And the daughters of King Orchomenus sat at home and quietly spun and wove; they did not want to hear anything about the god Dionysus. Evening came, the sun set, and the tsar's daughters still did not quit their work, hurrying to finish it at all costs. Suddenly a miracle appeared before their eyes, The sounds of tympanums and flutes were heard in the palace, the threads of yarn turned into vines, and heavy bunches hung on them. The looms turned green: ivy was thickly wrapped around them. The fragrance of myrtle and flowers spread everywhere. The tsar's daughters looked at this miracle with amazement. Suddenly, the ominous light of torches flashed all over the palace, already shrouded in the evening twilight. The roaring of wild animals was heard. Lions, panthers, lynxes and bears appeared in all the rooms of the palace. With a menacing howl, they ran around the palace and glared furiously with their eyes. Terrified, the tsar's daughters tried to hide in the farthest, darkest rooms of the palace, so as not to see the glare of torches and not to hear the roaring of animals. But it's all in vain, they can't hide anywhere. The punishment of the god Dionysus was not limited to this. The bodies of the princesses began to shrink, became covered with dark mouse fur, wings with a thin membrane grew instead of hands - they turned into bats. Since then, they have been hiding from daylight in dark damp ruins and caves. So Dionysus punished them.