Aphrodite was originally the goddess of the sky, sending rain, and also, apparently, the goddess of the sea. The myth of Aphrodite and her cult was strongly influenced by the Eastern influence, mainly the cult of the Phoenician goddess Astarte. Gradually Aphrodite becomes the goddess of love. God of love Erot is her son.

It is not for the effeminate, windy goddess Aphrodite to interfere in bloody battles. It awakens love in the hearts of gods and mortals. Thanks to this power, she reigns over the whole world.

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love, born from the waves of the sea;
two handmaidens put clothes on her
No one can escape her power, not even the gods. Only the warrior Athena, Hestia and Artemis is not subject to her power. Tall, slender, with delicate facial features, with a soft wave of golden hair lying like a crown on her beautiful head, Aphrodite is the personification of divine beauty and unfading youth. When she walks, in the splendor of her beauty, in fragrant clothes, then the sun shines brighter, the flowers bloom more luxuriantly. Wild forest animals are running to her from the thicket of the forest; birds flock to her when she walks through the forest. Lions, panthers, leopards and bears gently caress her. Aphrodite walks calmly among wild animals, proud of her radiant beauty. Her companions Ors and Hariths, goddesses of beauty to grace, serve her. They dress the goddess in luxurious clothes, comb her golden hair, crown her head with a sparkling tiara.

Aphrodite, daughter of Uranus, was born near the island of Kythera, made of snow-white foam of sea waves. A light, caressing breeze brought her to the island Cyprus. There, young Oras surrounded the goddess of love who emerged from the sea waves. They clothed her in golden-woven clothes and crowned her with a wreath of fragrant flowers. Wherever Aphrodite walked, flowers grew luxuriantly there. The whole air was full of fragrance. Erot and Himerot led the wondrous goddess to Olympus. The gods greeted her loudly. Since then, golden Aphrodite has always lived among the gods of Olympus, eternally young, the most beautiful of the goddesses.