Paris returns to Troy

After meeting the goddesses Paris did not stay long in the forests of Ida. Priam, seeing that his wife Hecaba cannot be comforted and grieves all the time for his lost son, he arranged rich games in honor of the deceased, as he thought, son. As a reward to the winner, the best bull from the herd of King Priam was appointed. This bull was just in the herd that Paris was herding. It was a pity for Paris to part with the bull, whom he loved very much, and he himself took him to the city. In Troy, Paris saw a contest of heroes. His heart burned with a thirst for victory. He took part in competitions and defeated everyone, even the mighty Hector.

The sons of Priam were angry that some shepherd had defeated them. The son of Priam Deifob drew a sword and wanted to kill Paris. In fear, Paris rushed to the altar of Zeus and sought salvation from him. Priam's prophetic daughter saw him at the altar Cassandra. She immediately found out who this shepherd was. Priam and Hecaba rejoiced that they had found their lost son, and with great triumph they took him to the palace. In vain Cassandra warned Priam, in vain she reminded him that Paris was destined by fate to be the cause of the destruction of Troy. No one heeded the words of Cassandra's things. After all, God Apollo doomed Cassandra to a sad fate: no one believed her predictions, although everything she predicted came true.