Orion was the son of Poseidon and Euryale (one of the three Gorgon sisters).

He was born in the Greek province of Beyotia, and was a great hunter, handsome and strongman. One spring day he went to the island of Chios. At that time, King Oinopion ruled there. He had a beautiful daughter, whose name was Merope. Orion fell madly in love with her and asked Oinopion for her hand in marriage.

The king did not like the idea of separation from his daughter, and he gave Orion an impossible task: to rid the island of the wild animals that inhabited it, hoping that Orion would die. He told Orion that he would authorize the wedding as soon as the job was done. Orion showed all his skills and the task of the cruel father was completed.

He came to claim Merope, but King Onopion refused to let his daughter go and said that the work was not done completely. Orion realized that Onopion simply did not want to give him his daughter, and, in a fit of rage, took Merope by force. The next morning Merope told her father that Orion had raped her. The king was very angry, but on the other hand, he was glad of such a good excuse to get rid of Orion. The next night, Oinopion blinded Orion and threw him onto the seashore.

The Oracle informed Orion that he would see clearly if he went to the east and let the rays of the rising sun touch his eyes. The blinded hunter reached Limnos, and there he regained his sight.

Eos, the goddess of the dawn, saw Orion when he was leaving Chios, and fell in love with him. Orion spent some time with Eos, then he decided to return to Chios to take revenge on Oinopion. When the king found out that Orion had returned, he immediately hid in a secret cave. Orion searched for the king for a long time, but never found him.

Obsessed with revenge, Orion went to Crete in search of Onopion, but he was nowhere to be found. There he met the beautiful Artemis - the same beautiful huntress as himself. She decided that Orion was the one she had been waiting for all her life. The feelings were mutual. Orion fell in love so much that he abandoned his thoughts of revenge.

Orion boasted that he was the greatest hunter in the universe. When Zeus' wife, Hera, heard his statements, she got angry and sent a poisonous scorpion to kill Orion. The scorpion crept up to Orion and stung him, which is why he died.

Artemis was horrified by what had happened. In the deepest grief, she took Orion's body to her nephew Asclepius, begging him to revive Orion, but before Asclepius could do anything, Zeus destroyed Orion's body with lightning. Artemis finally accepted his death, and sent her beloved to heaven.

Hera placed her scorpion on the opposite side of the sky. Even now Orion is trying to hide from scorpio until its sunset. Scorpio rises in the east, when several stars of Orion are still visible above the western horizon.