Horses of Diomedes (eighth feat)

After taming the Cretan bull To Hercules, on behalf of Eurystheus, had to go to Thrace to the king bistonov Diomed. This king had horses of wondrous beauty and strength. They were chained with iron chains in the stalls, as no bonds could hold them. King Diomedes fed these horses with human meat. He threw to them to devour all the foreigners who, driven by the storm, pestered his city. To this Thracian king Hercules appeared with his companions. He took possession of Diomedes' horses and took them to his ship. On the shore, Diomedes himself overtook Hercules with his warlike beastons. Entrusting the protection of horses to his beloved Abder, the son of Hermes, Hercules engaged in battle with Diomedes. Hercules had few companions, but still Diomedes was defeated and fell in battle. Hercules returned to the ship. How great was his despair when he saw that wild horses had torn apart his pet Abder. Grave grave Hercules arranged a magnificent funeral for his pet, heaped a high hill on his grave, and next to the grave he founded a city and named it after his pet Abdera. Hercules brought the horses of Diomedes to Eurystheus, and he ordered them to be released into the wild. Wild horses escaped into the mountains Lyceona, covered with dense forest, and were torn to pieces by wild animals there.