Hercules fights with the gods against the giants (Gigantomachy)

To the island of Kos sent to To Hercules father Zeus his beloved daughter Athena-Pallas to summon the great hero to help in their fight against the giants. Giants were born by the goddess Gaia from drops of blood of the deposed Crown Uranium. They were monstrous giants with snakes instead of legs, with shaggy long hair on their heads.

The giants possessed terrible power, they were proud of their might and wanted to take away the power over the world from the bright Olympian gods. They engaged in battle with the gods on the Phlegrean fields, which lay on the Chalcidian peninsula of Pallene. The gods of Olympus were not afraid of them. The mother of the giants Gaia gave them a healing remedy that made them invulnerable to the weapons of the gods. Only a mortal could kill giants; Gaia did not protect them from mortal weapons. Gaia was looking all over the world for a healing herb that was supposed to protect giants from mortal weapons, but Zeus forbade the goddesses to shine - the dawn Eos and the moon Selena and the radiant sun god Helios and cut the healing herb himself.

Not fearing death at the hands of the gods, the giants rushed into battle. The battle lasted a long time. Giants threw huge rocks and burning trunks of ancient trees at the gods. The thunder of battle resounded all over the world.

Zeus fights giants
Zeus is fighting giants.
(Bas-relief from the altar of Zeus, located in Pergamon, II century BC)
Finally, Hercules appeared with Pallas Athena. The string of the formidable bow of the son of Zeus rang, an arrow filled with the poison of the Lernaean hydra flashed, and plunged into the chest of the mightiest of the giants, Alcyoneia. A giant crashed to the ground. His death on Pallene could not have befallen him, here he was immortal - after falling to the ground, he got up after a while even more powerful than before. Hercules quickly took him on his shoulders and carried him off the Pallene; outside of it the giant died. After the death of Alcyoneus, Hercules and Hera were attacked by a giant Porphyrion, he tore off Hera covered her and wanted to grab her, but Zeus threw him to the ground with his lightning, and Hercules took his life with his arrow. Apollopierced the left eye of the giant with his golden arrow Efialt, and Hercules killed him by hitting him with an arrow in the right eye. Giant Euryta struck down with his thyrsus Dionysus, the giant Clytia - Hephaestus, throwing a whole block of red-hot iron at him. Pallas Athena piled on the fleeing giant Encelada the whole island of Sicily.

The giant is Polybot, fleeing by sea from the pursuit of the formidable earthshaker Poseidon, fled to the island of Kos. With his trident, Poseidon broke off a part of the Scythe and piled it on Polybot. So the island of Nisyros was formed. Hermes defeated the giant Hippolytus, Artemis - Gration, the great moira giants Agria and Foon, who fought with brass clubs. All the other giants were struck down by the thunderer Zeus with his sparkling lightning, but death was sent to them all by the great Hercules with his arrows that do not miss.