Esac and Hesperia

Esac was the son of the king of Troy, Priam, brother of the great hero Hector. He was born on the slopes of a wooded Ida, a beautiful nymph Alexiroa, daughter of the river god Granica. Having grown up in the mountains, Esak did not like the city and avoided living in the luxurious palace of his father Priam. He loved the solitude of mountains and shady forests, loved the expanse of fields.

Esak rarely showed up in Troy and in the council of Trojans. Despite Esak's solitary life, his character was not wild and rude, he was friendly, and his heart was accessible to the feeling of love. The young son of Priam often met the beautiful nymph Hesperia in the forests and fields. Ardently he fell in love with her. The nymph was hiding as soon as she saw Esaka.

Once I found the beautiful Hesperia on the bank of the Kebrena Esak River at a time when she was drying her lush hair in the sun. The nymph saw the young man, got scared and ran away from him. Esak chased after her.

Suddenly a snake hiding in the grass stung a nymph in the leg and the venom of the snake's teeth remained in the wound. Along with life, the flight ended. She fell into the arms of Hesperius, who ran up to her. Embracing the deceased, distraught with grief, exclaimed Esak:

- Oh, woe! woe! How I hate this persecution now! I didn't think to win at such a high price! We both killed you, Hesperia! A snake inflicted a fatal wound on you, and I am the culprit of this. I will be more insidious than a snake if I don't atone for your death with my death!

Esak rushed from a high cliff into the foaming waves of the sea, which beat noisily against the rock. Thetis took pity on the unfortunate young man, affectionately received him in the waves and dressed him with feathers when he plunged into the depths of the sea. Priam's son did not suffer the death he so desired. Esak has already floated like a bird to the surface of the sea. He is indignant that he has to live against his will. He flies high on his newly grown wings and throws himself into the sea with a flourish, but the feathers protect him when he falls. Again and again Esak rushes into the sea, he wants to find death in the depths of the sea. There is no death for him! He only dives in the waves of the sea! Esak's body is losing weight, his legs have become dry and thin, his neck has stretched out, he has turned into a diver.