Pan's Contest with Apollo

Pan was proud of his pipe playing. Once he challenged Apollo himself to a contest. It was on the slopes of Mount Tmola. The judge was the god of this mountain. In a purple cloak, with a golden kithara in his hands and a laurel wreath, Apollo appeared for the competition. Pan was the first to start the competition. The simple sounds of his shepherd's pipe rang out, they gently rushed along the slopes of Tmol. Finished Pan. When the echoes of his pipe ceased, Apollo struck the golden strings of his cithara. Majestic sounds of divine music poured out. Everyone standing around, as if enchanted, listened to the music of Apollo. The golden strings of the kithara were thundering solemnly, the whole nature was plunged into deep silence, and a melody full of wondrous beauty flowed in a wide wave among the silence. Apollo finished; the last sounds of his kithara died away. The god of Mount Tmola awarded Apollo the victory. Everyone praised the great god-Kifared. Only one Midas did not admire the game of Apollo, but praised the simple game of Pan. Apollo became angry, grabbed Midas by the ears and pulled them out. Since then, Midas has donkey ears, which he carefully hides under a large turban. And the saddened Pan, defeated by Apollo, retreated deeper into the thicket of the forests; often there are full of sadness, gentle sounds of his pipe, and young nymphs listen to them with love.