Birth of Apollo

The serpent Python is chasing Latona and her children, Apollo and Artemis.
The serpent Python pursues Latona and her children, Apollo and Artemis.

The god of light, golden-haired Apollo, was born on the island of Delos. His mother Latona, driven by the wrath of the goddess Hera, could not find shelter anywhere. Pursued by the dragon Python sent by the Hero, she wandered all over the world and finally took refuge on Delos, which was rushing in those days on the waves of a stormy sea. As soon as Latona entered Delos, huge pillars rose from the depths of the sea and stopped this deserted island. He stood firm in the place where he still stands today. All around Delos the sea roared. The cliffs of Delos rose despondently, bare without the slightest vegetation. Only sea gulls found shelter on these rocks and announced them with their sad cry. But then the god of light Apollo was born, and streams of bright light spilled everywhere. Like gold, they poured the rocks of Delos. Everything around bloomed, sparkled: the coastal cliffs, and Mount Kint, and the valley, and the sea. The goddesses gathered on Delos loudly praised the born god, offering him ambrosia and nectar. All nature around rejoiced along with the goddesses.