Poseidon and the Sea Deities

Deep in the depths of the sea stands the wonderful palace of the great brother of the thunderer Zeus, the oscillator of the earth Poseidon. Dominates the seas Poseidon, and the waves of the sea obey the slightest movement of his hand, armed with a formidable trident. There, in the depths of the sea, lives with Poseidon and his beautiful wife Amphitrite, the daughter of the sea prophetic elder Nerea, who was abducted by the great ruler of the deep sea Poseidon from her father. He once saw her dancing with her Nereid sisters on the shore of the island of Naxos. The god of the sea was captivated by the beautiful Amphitrite and wanted to take her away in his chariot. But Amphitrite took refuge with the titan Atlas, who holds the firmament on his mighty shoulders. For a long time Poseidon could not find the beautiful daughter of Nereus. Finally, a dolphin opened her refuge to him; for this service, Poseidon placed the dolphin among the celestial constellations. Poseidon stole the beautiful daughter of Nereus from Atlas and married her.

Poseidon, god of the sea
Poseidon, god of the sea

Since then, Amphitrite has been living with her husband Poseidon in an underwater palace. High above the palace, the sea waves are roaring. A host of sea deities surrounds Poseidon, obedient to his will. Among them is the son of Poseidon Triton, who causes terrible storms with the thunderous sound of his trumpet from the shell. Among the deities are the beautiful sisters of Amphitrite, the Nereids. Poseidon rules over the sea. When he rushes across the sea in his chariot drawn by wonderful horses, then the ever-noisy waves part and give way to the lord Poseidon. Equal in beauty to Zeus himself, he rushes quickly across the boundless sea, and dolphins play around him, fish swim out of the depths of the sea and crowd around his chariot. When Poseidon waves his formidable trident, then, like mountains, the sea waves rise, covered with white crests of foam, and a fierce storm rages on the sea. Then the waves of the sea beat noisily against the coastal rocks and shake the earth. But Poseidon stretches his trident over the waves, and they calm down. The storm subsides, the sea is calm again, smooth as a mirror, and barely audible splashing at the shore - blue, boundless.

Many deities surround the great brother of Zeus, Poseidon; among them the prophetic sea elder, Nereus, who knows all the innermost secrets of the future. Nereus is alien to lies and deception; he reveals only the truth to gods and mortals. Wise are the advice given by the prophetic elder. Nereus has fifty beautiful daughters. Young nereids are splashing merrily in the waves of the sea, sparkling among them with their divine beauty. Holding hands, they swim out of the depths of the sea in a string and lead a dance on the shore to the gentle splash of the waves of the calm sea gently rushing onto the shore. The echo of the coastal rocks then repeats the sounds of their gentle singing, like the quiet rumble of the sea. The Nereids patronize the sailor and give him a happy voyage.

Sea god.
Sea bozhestovo

Among the deities of the sea is the elder Proteus, changing, like the sea, his image and turning, at will, into various animals and monsters. He is also a prophetic god, you just need to be able to catch him unexpectedly, master him and force him to reveal the secret of the future. Among the satellites of the earth's oscillator Poseidon and god Glaucus is the patron saint of sailors and fishermen, and he has the gift of divination. Often, surfacing from the depths of the sea, he discovered the future and gave wise advice to mortals. The gods of the sea are mighty, their power is great, but the great brother of Zeus Poseidon rules over them all.

All seas and all lands flow gray Ocean is a titan god, equal to Zeus himself in honor and glory. He lives far away on the borders of the world, and the affairs of the earth do not disturb his heart. Three thousand sons - river gods and three thousand daughters - oceanids, goddesses of streams and springs, by the Ocean. The sons and daughters of the great god of the Ocean give prosperity and joy to mortals with their ever-flowing living water, they give it to the whole earth and all living things.