Jason is doing Aet's errand

Night has fallen. Dressed in black clothes, Jason went to the shore of the Phasis and there, in the dead of midnight, washed himself in its fast waves. Then he dug a deep hole and brought it over, as ordered by him Medea, victim Hecate. As soon as the sacrifice was made, the earth shook and the great Hecate appeared with smoking torches in her hands. Terrible monsters and fire-belching dragons surrounded Hecate, terrible hellhounds barked and howled around her. The surrounding nymphs fled with a loud cry when they saw Hecate. Terror seized Jason, but remembering Medea's words, without turning around, he walked to the Argo, where his friends were waiting.

As soon as morning came, the Argonauts sent Telamon and Meleager for the dragon's teeth to Eetu. Eet gave them the teeth of a dragon killed by Kadm and began to get ready to go to the field Ares to see how Jason would do his errand. He put on his armor, covered his head with a helmet that shone like the sun, picked up a spear and sew, which were only fit in their heaviness To Hercules, and mounted the chariot; it was ruled by his son Absirt. The Argonauts also gathered to go to the field of Ares.

Jason fights the bull
Jason is fighting a bull.
Above the bull is the winged goddess Nika, to the right is Medea,
both have magic herbs in their hands.
(Drawing on a vase)

Jason rubbed the spear, sword and shield with magic ointment, and then rubbed himself with it. Then he felt a terrible force in his whole body. As if his muscles had become steel, his body became as if it was forged from iron. When the Argonauts on their fast "Argo" sailed to the field of Ares, Eet was already waiting for them, and Colchians were crowding around the field on the mountain slopes. Jason came ashore, shining like a radiant star, with his armor. Jason went across the field, found an iron plow and a copper yoke in the field, and, covering himself with a shield, went to look for the bulls spewing fire. Suddenly both bulls jumped out of the cave, and with a furious roar rushed at the hero. Clouds of fire flew out of their mouths. Hiding behind a shield, their hero is waiting for them. Here the bulls flew at him and with terrible force hit the hero's shield with their horns. No man could have withstood the blow, but Jason stood firm as a rock. More and more bulls come roaring at him, raising clouds of dust. One by one, Jason grabbed the bulls by the horns with his mighty hands and drew them to the plow. The bulls are tearing, they are shooting Jason with fire, but he is unharmed, and the furious bulls cannot escape from his hands. Yoked them to the plow by Jason using Castor and Polydevka. Driving the bulls with a spear, Jason plowed the whole field of Ares, sowed it with the teeth of the dragon. Having finished sowing, Jason unharnessed the bulls, shouted menacingly and struck them with his spear. The bulls rushed like mad and disappeared into a deep cave. The first half of the work was over, now we need to wait for the warriors to grow up on the field. Jason went to the shore of the Phasis, scooped up water with his helmet and quenched his thirst.

But Jason's rest was not long. Here on the field the tip of a spear appeared out of the ground, followed by another, another and another, and the whole field was covered with a kind of copper bristle. It was as if the earth stirred, and helmets and heads of warriors appeared out of it. The whole field has already been covered with warriors in shining armor. Remembering Medea's words, Jason grabbed a huge stone; it would have been impossible for the four strongest heroes to move it, but Jason picked it up with one hand and threw it far into the crowd of warriors born from the dragon's teeth. The warriors grabbed their weapons and a bloody battle began between them. Jason rushed at the warriors with a sword, one by one he struck them, and soon the whole field was covered with slain warriors, not one of them remained alive, they all fell from the mighty hand of Jason.

They covered the whole field, like the ears cut off with a sharp sickle, covering the fruitful land. The feat was over. Eet looked at Jason in amazement, marveling at his superhuman strength. The tsar frowned menacingly, anger glittered in his eyes. Without saying a word, he rushed to the city in his chariot, thinking only of one thing - how to destroy the wonderful stranger to him. Jason, returning to the Argo, was resting with his friends, who praised his great feat.