The birth and upbringing of Jason

On the shore of the blue sea Bay in Thessaly brother of the king afamant, Creteus, built the city of Iolcus. The city of Iolk grew, the fertility of its fields, trade and navigation gave it wealth. When Creteus died, his son became ruler in Iolka Eson, but his maternal brother, son Poseidon, Pelias took away his power, and Aeson had to live in the city as a simple citizen.

Soon Ason had a son, a beautiful boy. Aeson was afraid that the arrogant and cruel Pelias would kill his son, who rightfully owned power over Yolk, and decided to hide him. He announced that the baby died immediately after birth, and even celebrated a magnificent wake for him; he himself took his son to the slopes of Mount Pelion to the wisest of the centaurs, Chiron. There was a boy growing up in a cave in the forest, raised by Chiron, his mother Filira and his wife Hariklo. Wise Chiron gave him the name Jason. Chiron taught Jason everything: to wield a sword and a spear, to shoot a tight bow, music and everything he knew himself. There was no equal to Jason in agility, strength and courage, and he was equal in beauty to the celestials.

Jason lived with Chiron until he was twenty. Finally, he decided to leave the secluded slopes of Pelion, go to Iolcus and demand from Pelias that he return to him the power over Iolcus.