The death of Mycenaean civilization

At the end of the XII-XI centuries in Greece there is another catastrophic incident, the origins of which are not completely clear. Perhaps there is a military invasion from the north (from Southern Illyria) of Dorian tribes. Their arrival is associated with the fall of the Achaean kingdoms and the destruction of new palaces. The Dorians belonged to the northwestern branch of the Greek tribes, that is, like the Achaeans, they were Greeks. It was after the appearance of the Dorians in the Balkans that the formation of the Greek ethnos as such began. The invasion was not a one-time event, but it lasted for a long time. The Dorians turned out to be less developed than the population of Mycenaean Greece, but they already knew how to process iron, and this was their main advantage.

On the other hand, the cause of the death of Mycenaean society could be civil wars between the citadel cities and their spiritual exhaustion, because Achaean Greece had exhausted its internal potential. Greece has plunged into the era of the "dark ages".