Father Hermes

Ancient authors call the father of Autolycus (“the personification of a wolf”) the god Hermes, the patron of thieves. As an inheritance from Hermes, he received the ability to transform and take on any form, make objects invisible or change them beyond recognition (Autolicus could change the color of horses). For these qualities he was called the most cunning of the Hellenes. Outstanding wrestler and fist fighter.

The father allowed him to swear falsely in his name. Autolycus swore so cleverly that he could then not fulfill his oaths without formally violating them.

All sources talk about the conflict between Autolycus and another cunning man - the Corinthian Sisyphus. The latter's cattle were constantly disappearing, and only thanks to special marks on the hooves of the cows did Sisyphus find the loss from Autolycus. To punish the thief, Sisyphus raped his daughter Anticlea - according to one version of the myth, with the consent of Autolycus. In addition, ancient authors say that Autolycus stole the helmet from Amyntor and stole cows from Euboea from King Ehalia Eurys. According to Pseudo-Apollodorus, he taught Hercules the art of wrestling, in which he was very strong, and later took part in the voyage of the Argonauts to Colchis. However, there is an opinion that there was confusion here: another Autolycus, the legendary founder of Sinope, could be counted among the Argonauts.

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